Scuba diving explorations in Corsica

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Snorkeling diver

Scuba diving, accompanied or not

Whether you want to enjoy your freedom underwater or take advantage of the experience and knowledge of the Bay of Valinco of our instructors, we offer you the possibility to make your explorations independently or accompanied.

In any case, if you want to make your life easier and travel light, we take care of everything with our all-inclusive* explorations. Come as you are (with your swimsuit), take the center's diving equipment and jump on the boat! This might also be a good opportunity to test new equipment if you are about to change! If you've already found the perfect gear for you and therefore already have your own, take it and come dive with it! Take the shortcut to the boat without going through the 'gear selection' process, dive with your favorite gear and save money! We offer you a special price if you come with your own equipment

One dive 3 dives package 6 dives package
Autonomous 40€ 110€ 220€
Guided 45€ 125€ 245€
55€ 155€ 305€
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