The most beautiful diving spots in Corsica, from Propriano

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Site de plongee des Cathedrales

Les cathédrales

The Cathedral site is one of the most famous dives in the Gulf of Valinco. It is a magnificent drop off that will amaze you with its relief and walls covered with multiple gorgonians, sponges and anemones. You will be able to admire its rocky edges hanging at a depth of 50 meters and rising vertically up to 17 meters for the shortest and 6 meters from the surface for the highest, like towers. This relief constitutes an exceptional habitat for coral and its magnificent red gorgonians and offers a shelter of choice to castagnoles, groupers, moray eels, dentis, barracudas...

Site de plongee de la petite vallee

La petite vallée

The site of the little valley : is a large rocky mass located at 35 meters depth and going up to 9 meters. This dive site is particularly rich in large groupers and morays, corbs... It is a delight for the many divers attracted by the rich and fascinating biodiversity of the sea bed...

Site de plongee de la Grande vallee

La Grande Vallée

The large valley spot is quite similar to the little valley, it is also made up of a rocky block which descends more steeply to a bottom of more than 45 meters. With an exceptional visibility, this site will impress you by its relief, its nuances of colors due to the density of yellow anemones and gorgonians that cover the rock. There, you can be the silent witness of the ballet of barracudas and big groupers, of morays. With a bit of luck, you may even see a school of dentex hunting! This site is a delight for the many divers attracted by the rich and fascinating biodiversity of the sea bed.

Site de plongee de la vallee des Merous

La vallée des mérous

The Grouper valley spot is accessible to divers from level 2. This dive takes place on a magnificent drop off at 55 meters, particularly exposed to the currents, this site requires the divers to have an impeccable experience and technique. You will be able to meet big groupers as well as a magnificent branch of black coral in the 40 meters zone which makes the richness of this exceptional site.

Site de plongee du sec de la tour

Le sec de la tour

It is a drop-off, going down to 45 meters. It consists of two parallel rocky outcrops. At the end of one of them there is a chimney covered with gorgonians, which leads us after a superb descent to a very bright sandy bottom. On the other ridge, a family of Corbs has settled down...

Site de plongee du colorado

Le Colorado

It is a magnificent drop off which starts from 6 to 40 meters, it is generally little loaded with fauna, you will evolve there in a beautiful atmosphere. You can move around in the crevices and meanders of the rock evoking, as their name indicates, those of the Colorado."